Wilson NFL Game Football F1000 Paul Tagliabue

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Wilson Official Paul Tagliabue game model NFL football. This is the official NFL football used on field from 1990 - 2005 season during all regular season games. This is an authentic, ON FIELD Wilson® NFL® Game Ball. Wilson Sporting Goods Company has been the official supplier of NFL Game Balls since 1941 when George Halas brought Wilson Sporting Goods and the NFL together. Made in the USA since 1955 by skilled craftsmen, Wilson Game Footballs are used by every major football league.
Designed for the serious competitor/professional!
Commissioner Paul Tagliabue signature stamp (Tagliabue was commissioner from 1990-2005)
Genuine hand sewn leather
Exclusive Wilson® NFL® leather with Tanned in Tack® for professional grip
3-ply VPU bladder for maximum durability and air retention
Double laced
Professional pattern
Official size and weight
Hand-crafted in the U.S.A.