2017 World Series Dueling Teams Rawlings Official MLB Baseball - Cubed

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Rawlings 2017 World Series Dueling Teams MLB Baseball Astros vs. Dodgers - Cubed

Authentic and official 2017 World Series Dueling Teams Baseball. Manufactured by Rawlings, official supplier to the MLB for over 30 years. These are official 2017 World Series game baseballs that have been modified for commemorative purposes. Baseballs are branded in gold with the Official 2017 World Series logo, the commissioner's signature, Rawlings Logo, LA Dodgers Logo and the Houston Astros Logo. Each Baseball arrives new, shrink wrapped in a Rawlings UV Protected Display Cubed with MLB Hologram. 
Both logos appear on the baseball...we loaded images in cubes to show both logos. The actual product will have the Astros logo on the left panel and the Dodgers logo on the right panel.