Quantity Discounts

Buy in Bulk and $ave Program - Click here for products

With Fixed Rate Shipping of $5.95 per order you are already on your way to significant savings on your purchase. To help you save even more...we are now offering discounts for bulk purchases on most products on our site. Please note that our pricing may, in some cases, be slightly higher than our competition...before shipping is calculated...but the total order cost will be less than that of our competitors. 

For example:

Let's look at the purchase of Rawlings ROMLB Major League Game Baseballs by the dozen - BC0001

                        USA Sports                           Competitor  

    Total $ Save

  Save $ Dozen
  Qty Doz  Unit Price  Sub-Total   Shipping  Total Cost    Unit Price  Sub-Total   Shipping  Total Cost  
     1   172.00   172.00      5.95   177.95     171.00   171.00      9.95   180.95          3.00         3.00
     2   172.00   344.00      5.95   349.95     171.00   342.00     15.95   357.95          8.00         4.00
     3   166.00   498.00      5.95   503.95     165.00   495.00     23.95   518.95         15.00         5.00
     4   166.00   664.00      5.95   669.95     165.00   660.00     27.95   687.95         17.00         4.25
     5   166.00   830.00      5.95   835.95     165.00   825.00     31.95   856.95         19.00         3.80
     6   160.00   960.00      5.95   965.95     159.00   954.00     33.95   987.95         22.00         3.67

 On each product page (where bulk discounting is available) you will see a Red Button "Buy in Bulk & Save"....just below the "Add to Cart" button. If you click on this button it will show the bulk discounts associated with that product. Once you select quantity to purchase on the product page the discounted item will be placed in your shopping cart at the discounted price. 


IF THE QUANTITY REQUIRED EXCEEDS AVAILABLE INVENTORY....CLICK HERE FOR ASSISTANCE....or send an email directly to bgould@shopusasports.com.

All Bulk Orders ship FedEx Ground from either CT or MO. Expedited shipping is available. Please contact us directly for a quote via email to bgould@shopusasports.com.

Please feel free to contact us...and let us know how we're doing with this. As our customer we welcome your input to ensure that we are meeting your expectations.

Unfortunately the site software is not able to combine different products for discounting bulk purchases BUT we have invested the time to ensure that our individual product pricing (without discounting) is extremely competitive.